Mission Bay

Mission Bay is one of Auckland's eastern suburbs on the southern shore of the Waitemata Harbour and approximately 8 kms from the CBD.  To the east, south and west are the neighbouring suburbs of Kohimarama, Meadowbank and Orakei.  Looking northwards from the beach, the view is filled with the familiar outline of Rangitoto Island across the water.

Getting to Mission Bay from the city is relatively easy with the most picturesque route via the coastal Tamaki Drive.  Alternatively, catch a bus from the Britomart Station.

Throughout the year, Mission Bay beach is a popular destination for families.  There is a wide variety of ethnic cafes available and whatever the weather, the creamy indulgence of ice cream is a must.

The beach offers safe swimming, sailing and kayaking and the grassy area which runs along its length provides excellent picnic spots and several children's playgrounds.
Huge iconic Norfolk pines, planted over 150 years ago, offer much welcome shade during the hottest weather as do the long row of Pohutukawa trees resplendent in their crimson glory.  Equipment such as rollerblades and kayaks can also be hired during busy summer months. 

Mission Bay is well worth visit even in the middle of winter.  It's not so crowded to begin with and all the activities are still available. The mid winter swim/splash is a popular highlight.  Fancy costumes and face painting are a must! 

The jewel in Mission Bay's crown is the Memorial Fountain in the seaside park.  It's beautifully made of Sicilian marble and water gushes from the mouths of the three bronze sea monsters.  The fountain plays at regular intervals, sending plumes of water 12 meters in the air and is truly spectacular at night when it's lit.  During the summer months the fountain is a popular paddling pool for young children.

Nearby Bastion Point is also well worth a visit. The Point's fascinating history includes an occupation by Maori protestors in the late 1970s over ownership of the land and it is also the site of the tomb and memorial garden for Michael Joseph Savage, a well-loved former Prime Minister.